Sunday, July 17, 2016

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BioTech + Art this week has been the most interesting topic of the class so far in my opinion. From the lecture and videos given the impression of BioTech+ Art relationship is really one that is unique with the scientific community and its connection to life. Looking at the different resources that talk about the relationships between artists and their use of science to further art and show how art can further science. I'd say that one of the biggest factors of the BioTech+Art relationship is that it draws attention to the ethical and social issues that could get easily ignored.

Ken Rinaldo with his interactive robot sculpture

The article by Ellen K. Levy, "Defining life: Artists Challenge Conventional Classifications" talks about the fact that "Bio-artists" are aware of the philosophical and moral issues that come with manipulating and altering life. Within the article it seemed that these Bio-Artist not only have high interest in the growth in the materality of Biotech but also that understanding of the controversy that comes with their interest/field of work. He mentions that artist Rinaldo created robots that spontaneous traits that interact and then modify their behavior based off this interaction.The interaction with humans develops the robots further. This sounds more like Robotics + Art but its similar to this weeks topic because the manipulating life that the biotech artist is very similar to the work Rinaldo is doing manipulating the robots and their development.

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Eduardo Kac's GFP bunnyAlba 

According to professor Vesna, some artists have used science in a more vague manner with their work, which might not have been understood. Bio-artist have used their science to engineer living organisms for art. This is the flag as previous mentioned that questions the ethical and social issues with BioTech+Art. Eduardo Kac as and his transgenic artwork "GFP Bunny", gave a new view of art. His focus as he talks about is on the "Intervention of transgenic social subjects". This bunny is a great example of the creation from BioTech+ Art. Kac perfected this relationship by making something that isn't meant to and does not exist. His hybrid glowing animals were the results of this relationship. Kac's work proves the uncertainty at times and questions that come with what is consider to be art and ultimately is something artificially created/altered. 

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