Sunday, July 24, 2016

NanoTech + Art Daniel Eaton

Prior to this weeks lecture I can honestly say I knew nothing about NanoTech, and never would have guessed what it really was. It turns out that has many different uses and aspects to it, much to my surprise. From what I've seen from lecture it has high potential to be partnered by artist for use through art in our lives.

Specifically things called nanoparticles are what really bring NanoTech and art together, through our material world with thing we can see despite that fact we really cannot see nanoparticles. Boo Chapple an artist, was able to make a speaker system created from bone... This relationship of art and NanoTech is created through the nanoparticles. They form a matrix that vibrates and by doing so produces sound. To me this really was a unique example of the complicated relationship between NanoTech and art.

Nanotechnology has also allowed for scientists to explore the world of nanoparticles and biomimicry.  One example that has been highly looked at is the Adhesive feet of Geckos that allow them to support their weight while walking up walls or horizontal along walls. The adhesive of the Gecko feet actually comes from mini hairs on the feet of the gecko. This adhesive has been part of the NanoTech creations that could allow humans to almost replicate geckos to support themselves and walk up walls with the tech on. Geckos don't even use all the hairs on their feet when doing this, if they did they would be able to support one hundred times+ their own weight. This has fascinated artist and scientist with nanotech in hopes to duplicate these nano-particles to gain a huge advantage with the future of adhesives. 

Not only have nano particles been used in biomimicry, but also with man made creations such as clothing to make things water resistant. Specifically with a lot of athletic apparrel just as tights, compression shorts/shirts, yoga pants to avoid sweat and bacteria. Companies like Baktuli have made towels with “Microban” technology that “provide continuous antimicrobial protection for the useful life of the fabric”. NanoTech is used by most people every day without even knowing it with the clothes they wear. Its integration into art is becoming more and more popular and is only continuing to grow with clothing apparel, and future adhesive tech. 
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