Sunday, July 3, 2016

Week 2 Art + MedTech

Where I had little view of the relationship Art had on Robotics I can firmly say prior to this weeks lecture I had no clue on the relationship and influence Art and MedTech share. However now seeing the study of art with medical practices such as anatomy dissection I can grasp the relationship a bit more. This practice has allowed artist and people in the field of medicine to have a better image of the human body and all its features not just on the outside but on the inside of the body as well. A great example of this was the work of Diane Gromala. Her practice and other like it allow a visualization of the chronic pain throughout the body. She even calls her practice an art of examining the auditory, visual, and physical engagement as being derived from reality simulations.

From Professor Vesna's lecture, she mentions Orlan. An artist who had many operations done to herself to seem beautiful. This is as close as a relationship can get between MedTech and art coming together for something (Literally in Orlan's physical results).

Having gone through the lecture now completely I think that the relationship between Art and MedTech is a very important one now and will only continue to grow. The Art aspect of the relationship will give answers and further knowledge in the field of MedTech that can be very helpful. That being said in some cases this relationship as with Orlan may not the smartest thing (In my opinion). Overall the relationship has been around although I may not have recognized it as art, it is still something I think is highly valued and has a strong relationship.


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