Sunday, July 17, 2016

Event 1- Daniel Eaton

This last week I went to the Griffith Observatory, and attended the live program "Water is life" within the Samuel Oschin Planetarium located on site. Water Is Life takes visitors on a trip through the solar system on a quest to find water. Water is life was written and produced specifically for a fifth grade field trip program, to greater understand that on Earth water is the key to life, and if we can find water on other worlds in the solar system/ and potentially life. Water is Life examines where water comes from in California, and ultimately how water on Earth keeps us alive. 
(View from Griffith over Los Angeles)

Immediately into the show the topic that immediately came to mind from the presentation was the "Robotics and art" lesson, through the use of robotics/technology the show is presented in a 3D (Imax) art form that takes you through space. Stopping at Mars, then through Jupiter's Ice moon Europa, and along side a comet in search for habitable planets beyond Earth.

The presentation/show uses incredible real footage and art work created footage of space generated from the centerpiece of tech in the middle of the room that displays it on the roof as you look up and watch. The presentation is generally ideal for families and those in 5th grade/middle school science, but it still is has a good informational for the viewer for in regards to if water or even life could potentially exist. By taking us step through step and from planet to moon to comet and so on we gain an interesting understanding to the requirements needed for water and life. The art visuals even though meant for the 5th grade viewer helps the presentation and make it easy to understand the information being told.

The machine used in the center of the room projects a huge 3D Imax art visual on to the dome type roof for the audience to sit back and watch and learn. I wasn't able to take pictures of the presentation itself, but I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to those that have an interest in the potential of life in the universe besides earth. Although the target audience is the youth, the art and visuals is for all ages and does an amazing job of capturing the solar system. The Presentation does an amazing job using technology to present a wonderful art piece of a visual to show that ultimately Earth is unlike any other planet in the solar system. Technology to display this can only grow with the growing relationship of robotics and art, if this presentation was combined with VR and specific interactive features with the art and presentation it could be really cool.

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